Book Review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I’ve started this year on a good note to read as many books as possible to quench my literary thirst. I’m generally not a classics reader for I’ve always been harboring this idea that classics are not to be understood for their proficient English narrative and their long poetic verses that can rather be a drag. For once I’m glad that my idea about them is flawed as they’ve opened my mind to vast unimaginable expanse. I’ve read many books in the past but neither have kindled my interest to take the laborious pain to think and put them out as a review on a blog because I’ve not considered them as blog worthy. I’m a first handler at writing a book review and I swear I’ve no clue on how to go about it, tolerate my inefficient writing skills for I’m just going to forecast my honest opinions on the book.


 Pride and the Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of the compelling classics I’ve ever read, it is this kind of book that one cannot keep away in peace without knowing what is the next scenario that awaits. I’ve had the fear of completing this book and not knowing what should I do with the rest of my life. It’s that good. I thank Kindle because if not for that random bookmark discount offer, I would’ve never trespassed into such books that casts a deep understanding and perspective into one’s life. The book started with a very slow pace because I wasn’t used to keeping up with distinguished vocabulary that happens to occur every two sentences. I was clueless on how to go on about it and feared that it would be the longest read in my life (contrary to the fact, I’m dragging away with Jane Eyre). The story is of a normal middle class family living in the early 19th century, England and the stereotypes they face in their day-to-day lives. I’m no different from any other who experienced this novel, to admit that ‘Lizzy or Elizabeth’ is my favorite, because she proves that a woman with a strong conviction and fearlessness can conquer anything that challenges and scares her. She’s not driven by money, fame or good looks but by just and intellect. She cares like any normal woman would, does her duties which sometimes goes unrecognized  but  does not quiver or brood about it. The character goes on with her life along with turmoils that accompany it and satiate our echoing emotions for her throughout the read parallel-y.

   What I really love about this book is the extensive but crisp descriptions about the scenarios and the emotions that are associated with each and every scene. It does nearly make the 19th century England pop up before our eyes, their fantasies, emotions and everything. I even love the grace with which one shows their thorough discontent without using fowl language or making it seem insolent. I love how the words are weaved together with perfect coherence making you fall in love with the literature which is now extinct. Oh! I just forgot to give some credit to Mr.Darcy who can give any young girl their goals to find their better halves like him. He starts of with a manly haughtiness which subdues later on. We all start off disliking Mr.Darcy like Lizzy to appreciating him; understanding him and later loving him like she did, this is what I call as echoing of emotions along with the story line keeping up in pace with Lizzy’s. The other characters are somewhat normal, who did not prick my interest rather than Mr.Bennet because he is the unlikely type of father one can be bestowed upon, or anyone could wish for. He carries of the responsible and the irresponsible vibe all at the same time. The other sisters and their choices go on in parallel. Every character in the story had a purpose and they were there because they had to play a part, there was no inclusion of random names or any things of such sort for sake of the story line, unless needed.

 The book has been a worthwhile read. I do agree it was a drag at some parts and those could’ve been avoided but despite all that one can make it through. The author has made sure we get to the last page without throwing the book away halfway. I rather admit my reading choices have changed having crossed these literary pieces and never would I make a swap for new age authors with the same intensity and passion I’ve for them. Some  21st century authors posses real talent others just exploit the purpose because they’ve name and fame or the knowledge of a few words. I’ve been cursing myself over and over for not reading all this before, for I’ve wasted such a good amount of time on useless literature. Do read, for reading always helps you travel to lands unseen which our legs can’t take us to.

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  1. Maruthi Raj says:

    Thnx for the review…👍👍


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