Book Review : Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, is one of the slow-paced books I’ve ever read. The whole plot is gloomy and sadistic, which makes the reader saturated beyond a point. This is definitely not one of your “I cannot keep it away” kind of books. The book starts with the hardships faced by Jane Eyre since she was a kid and moves beyond. The former is kind of tough to get past and the latter half is a bit easier.

This book took me almost two weeks to complete. I had to increase my pace at one point when I couldn’t help prolonging it. So, again this review is completely from my perspective, you can have reflective thoughts or different views altogether. Though, the language used throughout the book is quite on the upside and perfectly coherent, one of the main things I enjoyed. I personally find that as a reader I could never truly blend along with the character Jane Eyre, which is quite a drawback. The illustrations are rather boring and dragging, more like you need to read two pages of the scenario they’re playing their roles in before the characters have their role.

I, personally can never agree with unconventional love stories, this is one of that. Jane Eyre falling in love with Mr. Rochester who is a married man, this of course she doesn’t know until their fixed wedding is called off. She runs away to live in an unknown place with her long-lost cousins, one of whom proposes to marry her, whose proposal she disposes in due course to marry Mr. Rochester, who is now a blind man searching in the dark for Jane Eyre and counting his bad luck. One of the lines where I found it completely absurd is that when Mr. Rochester acknowledges that Jane is a child compared to him, yet he wants to wed her, why because? Love. You might now wonder how can one not complete this story in a day, trust me I couldn’t. Never. The descriptions, the sadistic turn to the story till the very end and an ever gloomy backdrop is kept as a constant from the beginning that can make you bite your teeth, slowly drinking away all your patience.

I learnt my lesson, Never can all the classics be nice. Some are, some are not. It’s up to the reader to choose which one they prefer to read. Overall my experience with Jane Eyre wasn’t satisfactory and left a tingling feeling of doubt that I might have wasted my time reading it, instead of quitting it halfway through.

Overall read: 3/5

Language: 4/5

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  1. BK says:

    Seriously dude u r an very patient woman coz i cant even read the plot summary i dunno hw could u even finish the book . Did u ever read the hardy boys series coz they r the only series which r classics in ma point of view. One humble request is tat write reviews abt those books bcoz they r sme of the best works we’ve ever came across n our childhood.


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