DIY Lip Balm

Lip balms are a must for every human, unless you’ve been gifted with soft, supple and pink lips which stay so, for long without being affected by environmental factors. This above description is very rare, maybe a few people on this planet are gifted to possess them. We all go haywire to source the perfect lip balm, we search through brands, stores and what not! We also find some that work but wont the second time, some performing opposite of what it claims to do, etc. Seriously finding a lip balm suiting our lip needs can  be rather monotonous and tiring, because of this we settle for the better ones in the market.I being a tried and tested user of almost all the ones in the market, settled for the homemade goodness in due time. Why? because why not? DIY lip balms are infused with natural goodness, you can try out different recipes and modify them, and the best part you can make the exact quantity needed.  Now, that’s a cherry on top. The flip side is spending a lot of time and money sourcing the right ingredients. Yes, but once that’s done the whole process is simplified. Don’t worry the ingredients are enough to cover your lip balm needs for months together if properly stored.  I personally believe that since we all eat through our mouths, having layers of chemicals on our lips can be unhealthy when it enters our digestive system, if we cannot eat it then it’s not suitable for our skin. After a lot of testing I settled for cocoa butter for making my summer lip balms. So, here goes the recipe of how to make these gorgeousness.


  1. Raw food grade cocoa butter ( I use sattvic foods, you can source it from or follow the link that is given at the bottom of the article)
  2. Saffron (you hardly need 5 to 8 strands, any brand)
  3. Kumkumadi tailam : optional (though not edible it’s primarily infused with saffron and herb extracts, trust me when I say it does a world of difference to dark lips, I hardly add a drop, can source it from
  4. Vanilla extract (to add a tinge of sweetness to your balm, don’t add too much otherwise you’ll keep licking it away. To sublime the overpowering smell of cocoa butter which doesn’t go well with some people, optional)
  5. Dried rose petals or freshly crushed ones (optional, source it from your local vendor)
  6. Vitamin E extract (capsules available in the pharmacies, optional, use after consulting a dermatologist because some people are allergic to these tablets, you never know if you’re one of them, or do a consistent patch test for any allergic reactions and then add them)
  7.  A container to store the balm.


Scoop some generous amount of cocoa butter, melt it under medium flame. Then add the saffron strands, crushing them gently with your hands so they become more of a powdery texture so that it mixes well with the cocoa ghee. Remove from flame, let it settle down to being warm from hot, then add the rose petals, two tablets of vitamin E extract, a drop or two of kumkumadi tailam and a drop of vanilla extract. Mix gently and let the temperature of the ghee drop to being moderately warm. Transfer it into a container and let it settle to become the butter. If you folks live in a humid and hot weather like me, move this molten ghee to the refrigerator and let it cool there for ten to fifteen minutes to become butter, after which you can move it back to the room temperature.

Why cocoa butter?

Let me point out its benefits rather than making you read a paragraph, we all like crisp and concise information, right?

  1. It’s a natural oil, which can melt easily and is extracted from the cocoa bean. Yes, that makes it vegan and cruelty free, carrying the goodness and benefits of nature.
  2. It has a smell similar to dark chocolate. Fellow chocolate lovers, are you listening?
  3. It’s a natural moisturizer which prevents excessive drying and chapping of lips. It hydrates the skin from inside out. There is no irritation caused, since it’s natural.
  4. Fights sign of aging and gives a protective cover to your lips from the cold environment or sun damage.
  5. It’s edible, which means licking them causes no harm to your tummy, but don’t do it because excessive licking can darken your lips.
  6. Helps treat mouth sores
  7. Heals burns and rashes

Well, now do you agree that with regular usage and time, it can do miracles to your lips along with the good inputs from saffron? But always remember, whenever we’re opting for natural products we need to give them, their time to heal, doesn’t happen overnight or with one tub of lip balm. Healing is always proportional to the damage done, takes time and patience.

Where to buy?

URL’s given below for the ingredients I use:

  1. Cocoa butter:
  2. Vanilla Extract: (or)
  3. Kumkumadi Tailam:

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