Good Reads, Toxic Reads


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Often most of us fail to decipher the difference between a good literature piece and a toxic one. Most of our books are mainly based on recommendations by our friends, relatives and so on, but how to differentiate between the toxic ones and the safe ones? Always remember not many people in the society read good books and appreciate them, the good pieces are always subdued and the bad ones, well most of the times they triumph. Reading is an amazing habit, which many of us fail to possess these days. This can be one of the reasons why we fail to recognize the difference. Books make a huge lot of difference in one’s cognitive skills, in fact they shape our thought process and fine tune us. They make us either narrow-minded or broad. I think, the saying, “the pen has more power than the sword” stands good for all generations.

So, what happens when we read the mediocre, simple, light, pieces on the go? Well, if they’re good, then its okay, but if in case they support or glorify toxicity then it saddens me to break it to you, you’re really travelling downstream in your thought process. It is indeed necessary to keep our integrity intact in this fast paced world, integrity as in our thoughts, our work and our relationships. Reading good books can do a world of difference to our thoughts and keep us sane. Good books make us think in dimensions seldom traversed. They open our minds to new ideas and thoughts, in fact they bring out the best in us. Finding them is a rarity, but once you try to cross that stone, you’re safe, finding your path from there is rather easy.

Every idiot in one corner of the world thinks one who is in possession of a pen and paper can write a story. These people cannot feed their creativity, because they’re not blessed with one, so always drift towards writing or revolving on one topic, that circles around love. Why? It’s the most easiest topic in terms of writing, you can twist and turn a story, in whatever way, revolving around a single theme. Every person I see, harbors a somewhat unhappy relationship, during our emotional hormonal roller coasters, such as these, we always look for options to vent. It’s normal psychology, by sharing we reduce our emotional burden, then after that what do we do? We casually pick up advice in the form of print media, digital media or whatever. It’s usually called as the “sober” phase, where we tend to drift towards anything that provides us comfort be it right or wrong. Some, might pick up books which offer a happy love story, while reading such books, we have an emotional turmoil stirring up within us, had we been this way like the girl featured in this story, I could have sustained. We make up patterns for finding the perfect partner, a story and a theme, creatively made up by our mind to soothe us. It doesn’t stop there, we start searching, every guy who we see might reflect a persona of the perfect guy featured in that story. We tend to drift towards them like a magnet, yet again falling into a toxic relationship. Sometimes we also tend to lose ourselves trying to imitate the character projected, this is the saddest thing that could happen to any individual. This isn’t only for people who’ve had emotionally taxing relationships, this can be even for the young teenagers whose emotional mood swings are at a peak. It’s hormonal, but channeling them in the right way, can make a world of difference. It’s okay to be silly during those times, but not stupid and easily influenced.

All these best-selling love stories glorify and revolve around love, sex and other such qualities which we are not supposed to be on lookout for. They make it seem normal, rendering the idea “it’s fine in our brain”. The brain is an organ which merely acts on the thoughts that it perceives, we can’t really blame it, unless realization hits us either early or late. Such books, as I’ve seen try to stress on the concept of a “pretty girl”, waiting or yearning to be loved, meets a guy who is as tacky as possible and ultimately her waiting prayers are answered and taadaa! she’s found her soulmate. On the other hand the guy is a really possessive, jealous, “always wants to have sex with this said girl”, tries hard to woo her just for that, Oh yes! the guy can possess some violence too, well it’s okay because the author thinks it’s romantic. Feeling weak on the knees already? Well, I shudder to break it to you, reality doesn’t function this way, and breaking your knee for such a guy or girl featured is going to break you (either mentally or physically), because under one roof with such a character or being with such toxicity can seriously damper your talents and qualities, in fact with due course of time it steals your individuality. Sub consciously we think, we’re lucky, well that’s the idea the author is trying to implant and you’re giving him a brownie point, in turn to make his story and  idea a bestseller, which is downright crap.

Let me tell you people, jealousy, obsessiveness and sacrifices aren’t a good thing at all in a relationship, they make the seed of doubt grow, and by the time you realize the seed grows into a tree and you’re shadowed by it. Any material that says or projects such similar themes as these “you’re mine, and you should be mine”,  “how dare you talk to other girls or guys” , “girls need to sacrifice”,”girls should dress properly, dresses can instigate me to pounce on you”  “possessiveness is my nature”, “men can be violent”  and “I can hurt you because I love you” are not good reads. Please don’t even sniff these books, as they can create huge waves that isolates us from the good people. Books are always valued as one of the best possessions, they’ve been given importance since time immemorial as one of the superior non living object. In turn they also possess the power to make us or break us, choosing the right one that make us is quite a challenging pathway that is usually enveloped with stones and leaves, while the other is crystal clear. Choosing the good read is a tough path, but once traversed is the best, it makes you the best. Always choose ones that opens your mind, at first it might seem unconventional, because the society we’re put into doesn’t function the way mentioned, but over time you realize that we’re living on false principles and standards. A transformed person is the most benefited.

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  1. Sidharth says:

    good one


  2. Sangita says:

    You have worded it so well, that I’m lost for words! Keep it up 🙂


  3. says:

    Wow u exactly told what i came to realize after reading the book 50 shades of grey (Which my cousin forced down my throat as romantic novel). Well said Looking forward for more articles regarding iterature


    1. thank you so much. I’ve not read the book yet. It has no storyline at all


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