Shining and Shunning: The Education Paradox

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Our education system seems to be flawed from the very roots that it has been growing. Akin to herds of sheep all of us follow the same path trodden, without realizing the bane that has been bestowed upon us. Generations after generation we allow ourselves to get wallowed in the same revised edition of thoughts. Where do we err? The word education and meaning it holds is what we fail to comprehend. What is education? Sitting inside a classroom, dissolving into books, being the epitome of sincerity and bringing back laurels? Is this the very neat, laid out description of education? If so, this isn’t. Education is nothing but self-enrichment, things you learn from your inquisitiveness, not just by sinking into books but by musing into every little detail of life, learning and evolving.

Today, I shudder at the thought of how I let myself get absorbed into all these norms, drafted by the society. A large group of us, let ourselves get extinguished like a useless candle burning in daylight, because we are average? No, because we let them think we are average, we let them define us. Who is this, “them”? The root of all evil, residing deep within us, The Society. A person is regarded of high-caliber because he is a topper and another a down trodden snoot because he refuses to get the said numbers on a sheet of paper. Sadly, even our education systems revolve around that. We let a few numbers on a sheet of paper, define our intellect, our potential and ourselves as a person. What all of us fail, as well read individuals, is to recognize our differing cognitive skills. But why do we mechanize it to function the same way as one another?.

Our teachers, shun us or regard us a knight in shining armor, based on these numbers. When we fail, they try to correct us by using the incorrect paraphernalia. They implant this seed that shadows us that “we are useless”. Who knows? For I know, the Bill Gates to whom we all bow down to,  is a college dropout infused with a lot of talent, perceived falsely to the common eye. Had he let himself float, he wouldn’t be what he is now. Sink, I say, for what you think is right, sink deep, explore the beds of your intellect.

Since elementary, our thoughts are resonated parallel to the norms of the society, many of us look back and realize we’ve all been wrong throughout our journey. When we wake up it might be 20’s or 60’s for some. We realize we’ve been living for others, we’ve been wasting our time. Nothing can help us rewind. What we fail to decipher is that greatness is not achieved by following herds, it’s achieved by following one’s intuition. The society labeling  some as rebels isn’t going to matter, for when our thoughts resonate with the next generation, we will be celebrated as great. Aren’t all our authors, artists and scientists born this way? When we celebrate them with such content, why don’t we do the same when our fellow bloods who follow their own destiny. As confining oneself to the barriers that has been haphazardly drafted can result from nothing but a 9-5 clocked life. Never let yourself be shunned by some person, because you are the one who can stop yourself from withering away as a bud. Nobody knows how you shall bloom, when you do, they gush for the greatness you possess, from the very same larynx that deemed you as a futuristic pauper. Always remember education begins from where we let ourselves blossom, not when someone defines our period. We should bloom in every stance of our life, shedding the old petals. Education is best when revised through experiences, not through volumes.

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    Nice work! 👌 Keep Rocking 😉


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