Product Review: Skintlc

It’s my first ever product review, let me tell you fellow readers it’s all worth it. Before I start let me tell you this isn’t a paid review of any sorts. Skintlc makes one of the most amazing skin care range ever. It’s all natural and absolutely safe. The best part is they tweak it according to our skincare needs. You can absolutely customize your own product and the cherry on top is that she ships worldwide. I’ve personally been using a lot of brands for my skincare before they launched and trust me this is all good. From my personal experience it’s better on my skin than any other Forest Essentials products. So, I’ll be reviewing the two of my most favorite products from her range. It does more good than what’s it’s designed to do.

The Fresh Strawberry Facial Mask and Strawberry Body Scrub:


In picture: From right front row: strawberry body polish. From Left, Front row: strawberry facial mask with honey and oats.

Skintlc never puts a big label of claims about what their product does unlike others. They design it in a certain way such that the user falls in love with them (well, I did). This I think, is pretty cool. The strawberry facial mask and the body scrub are made from fresh strawberries. One really needs to have tonnes of persistence to not lick them away. They smell luscious-ly delicious too. Fresh fruits and natural ingredients is all what you get from this bundle of goodness. You never pay for bad chemicals which destroys your skin.

How to use:

Strawberry mask:

  1. Take a little of the mask and apply in on your face.
  2. Leave it on for 20 minutes
  3. Wash it off

Strawberry body polish:

  1. Apply the body polish
  2. Let it stay for a while ( five minutes to ten)
  3. Wash it away

This mask provides a very mild and gentle exfoliation making it highly comfortable for people with sensitive skin. The body polish is also extremely good, sucking away all the pollution and dirt stuck on your skin. They really make bath time worth.

What it does:

  • It doesn’t cause any irritation or break outs.
  • Leaves the skin fresh and glowing for hours together.
  • The skin glows from the first usage.
  • Repels acne and leaves the skin squeaky clean
  • Softens, brightens and hydrates the skin
  • Reduces tan
  • Can use it daily without having to worry about your skin
  • Highly affordable, worth the money.


  1. The only con it has is that it’s not travel friendly, since they’re made out of fresh fruits you need to refrigerate them always after usage and finish them within two and half weeks.
  2. Keep it away from kids, they might eat it thinking its fresh fruit pulp, you might too.
  3. To people who hate bath time, you might fall in love with it.

Where to buy: 

Instagram page: Skintlc (or)

Whatsapp: 9962929551

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