Feminism the Unnecessary Propaganda? NO.

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Time and again we women are often told by men and fellow counterparts that “you are a women, know your place”. Well sure explain it. Women are treated as objects for personal satisfaction and as mere slaves for ages. This opinion exists deep-rooted in the society. Being a feminist in an extended family where everyone are not, isn’t an easy task. I get to face challenges and setbacks in each circle whom I chose to be my close aide. Can’t we stop judging people on the mere characterization like gender?

Why can’t a woman who works equal to a man, holding a same position is offered a pay equal to his? We feminists are screaming our senses out to help fellow people acknowledge that we need equality and respect in our space. Yes, men and women are not equal. We’re different in every possible cell that makes our body. Equality here is the term acknowledgement and respect (many might not decipher what it is, please look up). We are judged for our dresses, the books we read, the education we yearn to have etc., We are almost like statues in a museum judged for the way we’ve been crafted. I’ve had  people personally tell me you read a lot for a girl. Are we still basking under the warmth of the 17th century that we fail to comprehend that women can read? Marry off and settle down, I’ve been told. No, I refrain from having to lead a life with a judgemental counterpart like you. No, the feeling of having enough money (sorry again, you need money to buy things and women are definitely not that) doesn’t entice me to be a life long slave of all sorts to a man. Do not “like” an other man’s picture for you maybe told that you belong with him, don’t talk a lot, behave like a woman (sure, enlighten me), talk like a woman, walk like a woman (sorry I cannot), dress like a woman and alas how can I forget be dumb like a woman, to be liked. Oh yes folks a woman and a man are like a lock and key, because hey some great man in the history of mankind told locks to be more dignified than keys. Such gentle misogyny right?  Very gentle indeed. Men need to know that women are in sole possession of their freedom as they’re. They have no rights to take it or give it back, because they never own it. Sorry to break your bubble but we were not born with a pamphlet of rules (if we ever did I’m sorry I was taught mutual ones and missed the gender differentiated rules) to be obeyed or broken and definitely we never handed our freedom in anyone else’s hand except ours. Not all women want a knight in a shining armor to get married. Some of us know our priorities and interests way beyond that. Stop dreaming and asking us to settle down. Stop asking us to know our place.

Men are always blue, girls are always pink. The poor hopeless and helpless pink. The blues are always told by the said founder of color characterization to be protective of the pinks. Why? Oh never mind pinks are always damsels in distress who need to be rescued by the blues. Not one has ever laid it out that pinks and blues are one and the same. They’re nothing but colors. So are we, nothing but humans with different biological structures. Don’t you agree? A guy can cry, he can act choosy, he can put up a drama, he can like barbies and no he isn’t girly. He is a guy. So is every girl who chooses to be otherwise and the same. Stop treating girls like burden and guys like the epitome of strength, failing to understand it’s a woman who created that creature of strength you’re all gushing about.Women are no different from men. We coexist and that’s how it should be. Embrace differences. Fellow ladies don’t show down to the ones who are screaming for equality, we should be strengths, not the co-guiding light for the existing inequality that is prevailing. The more you try to suppress a female, the more she becomes the evil feminist you picture in your mind. To never let this happen, let us be, without judging us to be females. The f and e before the male does not belittle us in any way. Sorry, we’re not to be born just to get married, be your existential slave or the potential gold digger.

PS: No, I’m not PMSing. 


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  1. Emotions are like floods. Your stream of emotions had just made a flash flood all over the so-called male chauvinistic society. It’s good to have a propaganda over feminism. But, not everyone is anti-feminist. There are still men who respect their women and their individuality 🙂


    1. 1. It’s not the emotions, it is the REALITY. 2. The society is still biased to the males so it is a male chauvinistic society. Women are still deprived of their basic rights. 3. Please read the article properly. I think I’ve written a clear message. I don’t quite decipher what you mean when you told I’m flooding my emotions. A blog is a view, a perspective into one’s mind, not the emotions that surround it but the reality. This is not a random rant.


      1. 1. That’s a comment of appreciation, I meant your stream of “words” (you can call it as emotions in my perspective or reality in your perspective) flooded the society 2. What I meant was, your blog depicts all the men as dominant one who sees women as monoliths and treats them as slaves. That’s not reality. Things are changing now 3. As you said, it is still biased. But, there are still some men who respect women’s individualism and treat them equally.


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